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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
Kevin Bailey headshot

Kevin S. Bailey, JD, MBA

President / CEO

DJ Dearcorn headshot 2023

DJ Dearcorn

EVP Chief Commercial Lending Officer
NMLS #1132916

James Wilkerson headshot

James Wilkerson

EVP Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Tarver headshot

Anthony Tarver

VP Commercial Market Manager

Lee Kahm headshot

Lee Kahm

VP Commercial Market Manager
NMLS #733719

Kayla Carranco headshot

Kayla Carranco

Commercial Loan Officer
NMLS #2035048

Blade Stiller headshot

Blade Stiller

Commercial Loan Officer
NMLS #897203

Molly Eckard headshot

Molly Eckard

Commercial Loan Officer
NMLS #2434359

Christian Klepperich headshot

Christian Klepperich

Commercial Loan Officer
NMLS #2581647

Kim Wells headshot 2023

Kim Wells

Cash Management Officer

Daniel Bennett headshot

Daniel Bennett

Cash Management Assistant

Leah Dockery Headshot


Cash Management Assistant

Lynn Harper Headshot

Lynn Harper

Cash Management Assistant

Robyn Barta headshot

Robyn Barta

SVP Branch Manager / Mortgage Lender
NMLS #609679

Tiffany McNeff headshot

Tiffany McNeff

VP Mortgage Lender
NMLS #707795

Stephanie Aggers headshot

Stephanie Aggers

SVP Market Manager Residential Lending
NMLS #903210

Maren Borsheim headshot

Maren Borsheim

Mortgage Lender
NMLS #1448067

Nicole Pearce headshot

Nicole Pearce

Mortgage Lender
NMLS #2063784

Annette Rinaldo headshot

Annette Rinaldo

Board Chair / Audit Chair

Dr. Dana Leroy headshot

Dr. Dana Leroy

Board Member

Dick Weber headshot

Dick Weber

Board Member

Katie Sherwood headshot

Katie Sherwood

Board Member

Randy Warnke headshot

Randy Warnke

Board Member

Rich Garber headshot

Rich Garber

Board Member

First Federal logo head


Board Member

Kristen Butler Headshot

Kristen Butler

SVP Chief Operations Officer

Becki Brilz headshot

Becki Brilz

Branch Operations Supervisor

Reagon Hapka headshot


Branch Operations Supervisor

Torrey Fleming headshot


SVP Chief Credit Officer

Tyler Neeriemer headshot

Tyler Neeriemer

SVP Chief IT Admin / Security Manager / Chief Risk Officer

Greta Knapp Headshot

Greta Knapp

Connection Center Supervisor

Krystle Baumgartner headshot


Personal Banker

Maddison Severson Headshot

Maddison Severson

Universal Banker

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Equipment Financing

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