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Financing Solutions for Your Business

Your business may have started out as an idea. An opportunity. Or even an unexpected turn of events. But now it’s real. Give it the resources it needs to grow.

Term Loans

Allow you to grow your business by providing assistance in financing equipment of all types, expanding or improving properties, extending working capital, and much more.

Lines of Credit
A business line of credit is designed to help your business with short-term and/or seasonal working capital needs, account receivables, inventory financing, or cash flow needs. Revolving lines of credit provide funds that can be borrowed, repaid and re-borrowed, depending on the specific needs of your business.

Equipment Financing
For new and used equipment, with flexible payment plans at every stage of growth. Leasing provides a way to spread the cost of equipment purchases over the equipment’s practical use.

Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans
By utilizing owner-occupied real estate financing, you can build equity and eliminate the uncertainty of leasing. Be able to strategize your future business investment over time.

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Government-backed Small Business Administration loans can give you lower down-payment options and longer repayment terms. As an SBA Lender, we also give you a banking team dedicated to local decisions and quicker turnaround times.

Visa® Business Real Rewards Card

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Equipment Financing

Get the financing your thriving business needs.