Person to Person Payments

Proudly serving our customers since 1935.

It’s as easy as email

Person to Person Payments mean that all you need is an email to pay someone fast.

Here's What It Is

Sending checks or cash? Wire transfers? That’s so yesterday. Now paying someone is as simple as having just their email address.

Perfect for paying just about anything — money gifts, paying the babysitter, paying back a relative who spotted you $20, settling invoices, you name it!

Here’s How It Works

  1. Login to your First Federal online account or our mobile banking app.
  2. Choose Person to Person Payments from Transfer menu.
  3. Select what account you want the money to be withdrawn from within Online Banking.
  4. Enter the recipient’s first and last name and their email address.
  5. Select a password for the recipient to use to retrieve their payment.
  6. The person you’re paying will receive an email notification that their payment is available.
  7. The recipient enters the password you created and their banking information, and then the money’s on its way!


Is there a fee?

No. We do not charge a fee for this service.

How long does someone have to claim their Person to Person Payment?

Person to Person Payments are active for 10 days.

Does the recipient have to bank with First Federal Bank & Trust?

Person to Person Payments work with any banking institution. And since you don’t have to have their banking information, you don’t have to worry about protecting sensitive information.

Where do I find it online or in the First Federal mobile app?

Look for transfers, and you’ll find this there.

Can I choose what account I want the payment to come out of?

Yes! Once you select the P2P option you’ll be prompted to select an account.

Is there a limit of how much I can send in a Person to Person Payment?

$2,500 per day.

Is P2P available for businesses?

No. Person to Person payments are available for personal banking only.